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Wonder Women

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Wonder Women

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, so why not make it that much more wonderful with our Wonder Women merchandise?! The superheroine is one of the many DC characters that we carry in store, so take a look at five of our favourite Demigoddess items.

1. Mug

Wonder Woman Mug

Wake up in the morning to a wonderful cuppa brewed in this wonderous Wonder Woman wug, and we-weading this all again will make you wealise that you were weading this sentence in Jonathon Woss' voice. Sorry not sorry.

2. Make Up Bag/Pencil Case

Wonder Woman Pencil Case

Keep all your essential make up/pens/pencils/smoking paraphernalia in this multi puropse bag. This is the perfect present for people who need something to put their things in!

3. Keychain

Wonder Woman Keychain

Keep your keys guarded with these amazing DC official Wonder Woman keychains! Perfect little stocking filler to seal the Christmas deal for any of your loved ones.

4. Cereal Bowl

Wonder Woman Cereal Bowl

Superior quality ceramic bowls branded with the Wonder Woman logo, stars and golden stripe? We got that! Pop in to Hobo's and grab yourself some amazing official DC merch that is sure to get a smile.

5. Apron Set

Wonder Woman Apron Set

You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know... so show that kitchen who is boss and whap on this Wonder Woman apron! It's basically a reverse cape as well, so you can pretend to be a superheroine as well if you were feeling up to it! Two-in-one multipurpose presents are always a banger!

As you can probably tell by now, we are so much more than a vintage and retro store! Come in store today or tomorrow until 20:00, or Christmas Eve from 10:00 until around 17:00 and get those final gifts sorted!