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Hobo's, RAVS and Flamingo's vintage stores have teamed up with the good folk down at the Flickering Light to bring back a classic Swansea night, Funked Up! Every Wednesday from 22:00 til late, we will be bringing back all of the funk, disco, motown and soul that you can handle! Funked Up was a firmly established favourite night out amongst students in the 90's and early 00's, and we felt that it was time to bring that nostalgia back to a new audience in a new location right in the heart of Wind Street! Continuing with the same aesthetic, music...

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Relco London have long provided a high quality range of vintage mod and skinhead apparel and we are proud stockists of this fine brand. We carry a huge range of their clothing and wanted to share a few of our favourite garments with you, as well as a little insight into the British capitals number one 60's inspired label. Whether you are just looking to diversify your wardrobe with some mod style clothing or go full 60’s skinhead, we carry all the essential items you need to emulate iconic fashion sub-cultures and retro style clothing. Paisley shirts are the perfect...

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