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Science & Space

Science & Space

Educational gifts? We've got that! Get a range of science and space presents for your loved ones this season from our much more than just a vintage store. Here are a few of our favourites. Take a gander.

1. Rocket Pen

Rocket Pen

Maybe not the most practical of pens, but a pen nonetheless. Get your Christmas off to a good take off with a rocket pen, because why not? You would be off your rocker not too...

2. Periodic Tray

Periodic Table Tray

What better way is there to eat some snacks than off a perioic table tray? There probably are a few better ways, but regardless, this isn't the worst way. Learn your elements whilst having a snack! Tidy.

3. Space Jigsaw

Space Jigsaw

Build the solar system in your living room with this 300 piece jigsaw (not to scale). So shuttle up and get moving before this flies off the shelf!

4. Space Bagatelle

Space Pinball

Hit the big points with a bit of space bagatelle this festive season! You can never go wrong with the classics.

5. Periodic Pencil Case

Periodic Table Pencil Case

Carry your pens, pencils and utensils in this handy Scientific pencil case, an ideal gift for any student who has their Science exams coming up.

6. Periodic Table Mug

Periodic Table Mug

Carry your tea, coffee or mould wine in this handy Scientific mug! An ideal gift for any student who has their Science exams coming up.

Wondering what else we have? You'll have to come and see! We are open from Monday to Saturday, 10:30 until 18:00 and on Sunday from 12:00 until 17:00 for the duration of December. Come and grab yourself some stocking fillers and high quality, original merchandise for your loved ones this festive season.