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Not Your Average Christmas Cards

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Not Your Average Christmas Cards

Christmas is a month away today, so if you haven't already started your shopping for the big day then it might be time to reluctantly get on with it. But Christmas shopping doesn't have to be boring or a chore, and nor do the cards or gift wrap! Here at Hobo's, we offer a fine range of alternative Xmas options that are sure to either have you buckled over with laughter, or perhaps offend you. Either way, it makes that task of shopping locally that little bit more interesting!

1. The Human Santapede

The Human Santapede

How about a festive twist on Tom Six's world renowned "The Human Centipede" film? You can thank kissmekwik for this beauty of a card that is sure to get a chuckle from the lucky recipient. Gross and festive... we're in!

2. What Santa Probably Really Thinks...

What Santa Probably Really Thinks

Everybody has their bad days, and we're sure Kris Kringle is no exception. The normally jolly, bearded, chubby fella can be seen here saying what he really thinks after a long day at the office, and sometimes his adoring fans can push him slightly over the edge.

3. Make An Effort...

Make An Effort

Pound shop and low budget store stocking fillers are a certainty in many a household, and some would say that these gifts simply lack effort. We say different; long may it continue! Where would we be in life without a few Lynx Africa gift packs and dodgy Umbro "aftershave" after all? We don't know, and we don't want to.

4. Let's Call Him Wayne

Let's Call Him Wayne

How different would the Old Testament read if it featured Lord Wayne, Mother Shaniqua and Father Mati instead of Jesus, Mary and Joseph... we're eagerly awaiting the re-release. For now though, this Dean Morris card will do!

5. Merry Xmas You W⚓︎

Merry Xmas You Wanker

Tell them what you really think! The truth may hurt, but at least you're not lying. Your friends and/or family will thank you later. This cleverly constructed kissmekwik card does the job nicely.

6. Vegan Cakes

Vegan Cake

We all know one, we're sure they would have told you. This remake of Dean Morris' classic "gluten free vegan cake" has been tweaked for the festive period, and it sells like hot cakes (not the gluten free vegan ones).

Hobo's is also stocked up on wrapping paper (pictured below) and a whole assortment of offensive/rude/funny cards, so make sure you pop in store and take a look at everything we have to offer for the season of jollyness! Open Monday to Saturday, 10:30 until 18:00 and Sunday from 12:00 until 16:00.

Santa Thinks You're A

Merry Christmas

Even Gingers