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Nik's Nik Naks: Stranger Things

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Nik's Nik Naks: Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 4 has taken the world by storm and it's hard to talk to anyone at the moment who hasn't bingewatched the latest installation of the Netflix sensation. The critically acclaimed sci-fi horror drama series is a firm favourite amongst Hobo staff, and we're sure that love for the TV show extends far further than our shop. Here are 5 of our favourite items that we carry in store.

1. Chalice

Stranger Things Chalice 

Wake up in the normal world with a hot brew in a high quality polyresin mug! Featuring Mike and Eleven in our world whilst being stalked down by Demogorgon in the world below, this is an ideal drinking vessel for any Stranger Things fan.

2. T-Shirt

Stranger Things T-Shirt

Offering a much lighter take on the previous Stranger Things choice, this Dungeons & Dragons Party t-shirt is sure to make a perfect gift for fans of the popular Netflix show.

3. Photo Mug & Coaster In A Tin

Stranger Things Mug Coaster Tin

How about this incredible mug, coaster, and tin collection featuring retro polaroids of all your favourite characters! Eleven, Mike, and Lucas all feature making this is a must-have for anyone wanting to take a trip to Hawkins.

4. Keyring

Stranger Things Keyring

Keep your wits about you and keep this Stranger Things keyring close to you at all times! You never know where the next Demodog is going to jump out from, and this is sure to help fend them off... also looks good with keys.

5. Mug

Stranger Things Mug

Keep the frequent disappearances explainable with this Stranger Things mug! Once filled with liquid, use your hand on the handle and drink until the contents is gone. Easily explainable and fixable with a refill option available (if you can be bothered to make another brew).

Hobo's is open from 10:30 - 18:00, Monday to Saturday, and you can find all of these wonderful items in store only, so don't set your co-ordinates for 62 West Wallaby Street and head down to 214 Oxford Street, Swansea.