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Nik's Nik Naks: Misc

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Nik's Nik Naks: Misc

It's time to take a look at a more random selection of items that Hobo's has to offer that cannot really be placed into any category in particular other than 'miscellaneous'... So take a look through a selection of the random items that can be located on the front desk as you walk in the shop, and see what else Hobo's has to offer besides the highest quality retro and vintage garments.

Nik's Nik Naks Misc 01

Pin badges are aplenty in Hobo's, and we have a fine selection of everything from Celtic relics, ballet dancers, sheep, flowers and even...

 Nik's Nik Naks Misc 02

...Street Fighter!!! HADOUKEN a pin badge on your chest with Ryu or E. Honda and show your love for a 90's classic game! These are all very affordable and make an ideal gift to friends, family and even yourself. You deserve one.

Nik's Nik Naks Misc 03

Next up on the miscellaneos list of random objects are these rare Noddy weeble wobbles! Weebles wobble, but they won't fall down. Pick up a very retro toy (that originated in 1971!) from the front desk of randomness in the shop today.

Nik's Nik Naks Misc 04

You will also find a fine range of handcrafted jewlery on Nik's nik naks table, including these wooden butterfly earings. At £5.00 a pair, they're certainly worth a flutter.

Nik's Nik Naks Misc 05

Tap your ash into a fat moustahced mans mouth with our fat moustached mans mouth ashtray! Quite self explanatory really.

Nik's Nik Naks Misc 06

You can also find a fine set of hand maracas with a Spanish flavour! These are a must have accessory for anyone with a love for Flamenco and are sure to make a marac-ulous improvement on your time keeping in the Spanish art.

And with that awful pun, we will leave it there. Hobo's is open from 10:30 - 18:00, Monday to Saturday, and you can find all of these wonderful items in store only! Head down to 214 Oxford Street, Swansea yourself and take a look for yourself.