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Nik's Nik Naks: Jaws

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Nik's Nik Naks: Jaws

Nik's Nik Naks returns for a fortnightly update on all things not so retro and vintage in the shop and a look at some of our favourite items that we carry. This time around, we are taking a closer glance at some of the nik naks we carry relating to Speilberg's 1975 classic Jaws! So lets dive in...

Jaws Mug

Everyone loves a mug (and we're not talking about Nik), so why not plunge into your morning brew with this hot liquid vessel?

Jaws Mug Bigger Boat

Never mind needing a bigger boat, how about needing a bigger mug? Featuring the iconic ad-libbed line from the classic Jaws, simply add your hot drink of choice and your away! Lovely stuff.

Jaws Shot Glasses

Not in the mood for a brew? Not a problem! The Jaws set of four shot glasses will cater for your alcoholic needs and in some style too.

Jaws Mug with Hole

After your shots from the night before, you're going to need a bigger mug to deal with the hangover blues. It also comes with a handy hole in the side, which must be handy for something otherwise it wouldn't be there. Use your imagination!

Jaws Water Bottle

And finally, another drinking apparatus to go with the theme of the post. This snazzy looking water bottle features the iconic poster design on the body of the flask and looks the part. Would you drink water from anything else given the option? We doubt it.

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