New Weekly Event: Funked Up - Starts 2nd Feb – Hobo's Swansea
New Weekly Event: Funked Up - Starts 2nd Feb

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New Weekly Event: Funked Up - Starts 2nd Feb

Now that you've been to all the rest, make way for... FUNKED UP! Hobo's, RAVS and Flamingo's vintage stores have teamed up with the good folk down at the Flickering Light venue on Wind Street to bring a Wednesday night treat filled with all of the funk, disco, motown and soul that you can handle!

Anyone who is familiar with Swansea's music scene of the 90's and 00's may well be familiar with FUNKED UP!, and we decided as a collective that it was time to bring something a little bit different from the norm back to Swansea.

Funked Up

Starting on Wednesday 2nd February and every Wednesday thereafter, the trio of stores will be hosting a night of vintage music for vintage lovers! At just £3.00 entry, this is a cheap midweek treat that is sure to get those dancing shoes moving and those flares swinging!

Funked Up Free Entry

£3.00 is cheap, but FREE is even better! Pop into one of the vintage and retro stores named and make a purchase to receive a FREE ENTRY flyer! Hobo's, RAVS and Flamingo's will all be handing out these FREE ENTRY flyers over the coming weeks, so pop into Swansea city centre and visit your local vintage stores to get yours.

Flickering Light

If you have not been to Flickering Light, familiarise yourself with the map above and keep an eye out for the entrance in the picture on the left! You will be in awe of this truly unique venue if you have never been, we can promise that.

So what are you waiting for?! Stick Wednesday 2nd February in your diary (and every Wednesday for that matter) and we'll see you there! It's going to be a blast!