New Event: Atomic @ Elysium Gallery (28/05/22) – Hobo's Swansea
New Event: Atomic @ Elysium Gallery (28/05/22)

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New Event: Atomic @ Elysium Gallery (28/05/22)

It has been nearly 2 months since the last 80's night at Elysium Gallery on the High Street, Swansea and we cannot wait to bring you yet another night of new wave, synth-pop, new romantic, pop, rock, post punk and so much more! As always, entry is FREE, laughs are guaranteed and Nik will do his best not to play the same song twice this time... we hope!

Atomic 80's Night Elysium Gallery Swansea

If you are yet to have been to our Atomic 80's nights, you can take a peak of what they're like and the amazing venue that Elysium Gallery have by clicking here. The turnout is always good and the vibes are always positive, so you are sure to have a great night!

We will be announcing more dates very soon, but for now we only have one further date that you can pen in your diary so make sure you're free on Saturday 25th June too. We look forward to seeing all of your 80's loving faces.