Hobo's Involvement In 50 Years Of Music – Hobo's Swansea
Hobo's Involvement In 50 Years Of Music

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Hobo's Involvement In 50 Years Of Music

Hobo’s may have been established in 1992, but there is a rich history of both music and aesthetic behind our shop.

Since the mid-80’s (and with the help of Mark Richards), the Hobo’s family has been heavily involved in the broadening of Swansea’s night life and music scene. We helped bring a regular Dub and Reggae night, Dub Club, to the Coach House (now Pitcher’s & Piano) before broadening our own horizons and creating other events including Face Off, Funked Up and many more.

The Hobo’s family is still heavily involved in the Swansea scene, and we carry many of the influential artists and musicians merchandise in our store that have either played in Swansea, or helped shape the local scene in both our city and South Wales as a whole. Of course, none of the above would have been achievable without the help and support from the public, promoters, musicians and DJ’s. Your help in creating something special in Swansea can not be underestimated and we will be forever grateful!

For more information on the history of Swansea’s music scene, visit Swansea Museum and check out the ’50 Years of Music’ that has recently been extended until the 23rd February.

Thanks for your continued support!