Hobo's Flyer/Board Game Has Arrived! – Hobo's Swansea
Hobo's Flyer/Board Game Has Arrived!

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Hobo's Flyer/Board Game Has Arrived!

Hobo's all new multifunctional POS has arrived in-store and we could not be happier with how these have turned out... may we present to you the Hobo's flyer/board game!

Hobo's Flyer/Board Game

Flyers serve a good purpose; they tell you about the shop and where you can find us! But once you've found us, that's usually the end of the flyers life cycle... until now! We've included a state of the art original Hobo's themed board game!

Found something in-store that makes you look dazzling? Move forward 5! All positives such as "Nice Relco shirt" are rewarded with free moves forwards. Lovely stuff.

Time Waster Hobo's Flyer

Wasting the staffs time? Back to the start! All negatives such as time wasting, forgetting your student I.D. or breaking a mug are received negatively and you'll have to move back spaces.

Hobo's Board Game

Pick up a flyer in-store today and we'll provide you with free pieces and a dice so you can give the game a go yourself! If you order online, we'll also include a flyer, dice and pieces with your order.

So what are you waiting for?! Get down to Hobo's and pick up your copy of the greatest board game known to man!

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