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Harry Potter

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter celebrated 20 years since it's first film was released one month back, and the J.K. Rowling brand still remains as popular as ever with children and adults everywhere. Hobo's stocks a wide range of official Harry Potter merch, so take a peep at what us muggles have to offer.

1. Heat Changing Mug - Voldemort

Heat Changing Mug

Heat Changing Mug

This Harry Potter heat changing mug is sure to cast a magic spell over your morning brew. Cold, the mug shows Voldemort's Dark Mark and the famous words 'He who must not be named'. When hot liquid is poured in, the mug transforms to reveal Lord Voldemort himself casting that nastiness. An essential for any Harry Potter fan.

2. Snackbox


Cram your snack box with an array of fainting fancies, fever fudge or just standard sweets and chocolate that will be sure to make you appear ill if you manage to finish off the tin! An ideal present for anyone looking to stash their sugary treats.

3. Stoneware Bowl

Stoneware Bowl

Make your breakfast cereal that little bit more magical with a stoneware bowl straight outta Hogwarts.

4. Money Tin

Money Tin

Avoid running into walls at King Cross looking for the Hogwarts Express and save up for a real train with this Platform 9 3/4 money tin! Perfect for spare change or saving away for a rainy day.

5. Heat Changing Mug - Horcrux

Heat Changing Mug

Heat Changing Mug

Similarly to the first mug(gle), this heat changing mug alters in image to reveal a whole jumble of recognisable Harry Potter items such as the Golden Snitch, a scroll and Harry's glasses, as well as the seven horcruxes. Cold, the mug shows the word 'Horcrux' with a sword through the middle on a black background. Best go make that brew for the proper Potter excitement.

As you can see from the above offers, we are much more than a vintage and retro shop! Pop in and find out for yourself from Monday to Saturday between 10:30 and 18:00, or on Sunday from 12:00 until 17:00 (December only).