Artist Of The Month: Queen – Hobo's Swansea
Artist Of The Month: Queen

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Artist Of The Month: Queen

Queen are undoubtedly one of the most iconic bands to have ever graced the stage and their influence from the 70's onwards is undeniable.

Founded originally by Bryan May and Roger Taylor, the band was floundering until it found new life and purpose through the voice and charisma of a new front man, Freddie Mercury. Galvanised by his presence and his flair for song writing, they tore up the rock handbook and created a sound that was distinctly theirs.  

Queen were certainly different, a bracket above the Glam rock from which they emerged and an inspiration for countless artists since. 

Hobo's proudly carries a huge range of Queen's official merchandise (some of which you can find on our website) and a selection of which you can see here.

1. She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos) T-Shirt

 Queen She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)

There is no better way to highlight Queen's eclectic persona than with one of their most unique songs, "She Makes Me (Storm Trooper In Stilletos)". Unusual for Queen, the bulk of the song consists of a two chord pattern and no solos but epitomises their ability for a vary in their stylistics. It is regarded as one of Brian May's deeper songs with a sense of resignation and despiration. Essentially, it's a lot more than just the exhibition people perceive it to be! Anyways, we sell that tee. You can grab that online too!

2. Queen Mug Varieties

Queen Mugs

We can bang on about Queen's history and their enormous impact on all things musical, but chances are that if you're reading this that you already know a substantial amount about them. We have some high quality ceramic mugs in store though such as the ones above... you should probably come in to the store and buy them for your brews!

3. Queen Badges

Queen Badges

Did you know Freddie Mercury was an advocate for pin badges during the great badge decline back in 1983? Look it up! You'll find absolutely nothing about it anywhere because we made it up. We sell Queen pin badges.

4. Queen Patches

Queen Patches

Patch up your iconic yellow militarty jackets with the synonymous British flag and Queen patches! We've got a bunch of beauties to show your love for one of the most influential bands to come of these shores that make a perfect addition to anything you choose.

5. Queen Socks

Queen Socks

Is there a better accompaniment to the fine tune of putting on your shoes than with a pair of Queen socks? We doubt it! And here's the best bit! We're offering a free pair of Queen's official socks with any order on Queen merchandise that is over £30 online or instore! And don't forget, we're also offering 10% off all Queen products if you use the code DONTSTOPMENOW10 at the checkout. If you buy from instore, then simply shout it at the cashier or prompt that there is a discount on Queen products... up to you. The discount is valid until Thursday 20th January 2022, so make the most of this offer whilst it lasts!